Joe Wilk

Rock, Fusion, Blues
Joe Wilk


Joe is currently playing in two original groups: The Edz and Aphelion, and an '80s cover group Long Duk Dong

The Rhodes @ Sheffield StudiosJoe is a seasoned musician with a love of many genres of music, and decades of live performance experience. Fusion, metal, alt country, classic rock, blues; they are all in his toolbox. With a modest yet wide ranging collection of guitars and amps, Joe can channel the vibe you are looking for.

Influences include Bill Connors, Andy Summers, Mike Stern, Dicky Betts, Uli Roth, Michael Schenker, Allan Holdsworth, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Crack The Sky, Sea Level, Return To Forever, Vital Information, Tribal Tech, and many more from a wide array of styles.

Joe has operated as band member, sideman, musical director and studio musician. Well grounded in music theory and it's application, Joe will be an invaluable asset to your project.

Gibson Goldtop Reissue in studio B at Sheffield Studios